Unfriended! Was it something I said?

I’ve recently lost a few friends, but I’m not grieving… not the loss of numbers, anyway. I’m grieving the lost opportunity for dialogue.

I’m not sure who they were, or even how many unfriended me. I don’t keep close track of the ebb and flow of numbers of FB friends. But I do know the last time I checked (a couple of months ago?) it was well above 900. This past Monday afternoon, after reading a post by someone saying “good riddance” to those who unfriended him during the flurry of posts in response to Charlottesville, I decided to check my own numbers. It was 880ish.

Was it something I said?

Certainly not this: thanking Matt Frankenfield of Trifecta for solving my iCloud problems. And not this: kudos to the APD and that cute picture of their K9 partners. And most certainly not this: the Morning Call link I shared about the Laundry Day ministry.

But maybe this: when I questioned the Christian content of the Capitol Hill Bible Study with Cabinet members led by Ralph Dollinger?
Or this: noting that I personally wouldn’t qualify to immigrate to the U.S. under the rules set forth by this administration?
Or this: “Charlottesville: This is racism” – a repost of John Pavlovitz?

Then again, maybe it was what I said about white supremacy and Donald Trump at the Center Square rally on Sunday afternoon in Allentown. Or the fact that my name appeared in the paper as one of the speakers who stood on the monument steps with clergy and laity, black, white and brown, cisgender and LGBTQ, Christians, Muslims, Jews and atheists.

Whatever caused a few dozen people to unfriend me, I’m not grieving the dropping of numbers on my FB page. But I do grieve the lost opportunity to engage in dialogue, even within this limited social media context.

I’m fortunate to have FB friends (some I haven’t met in person) who have very different political and religious perspectives, and who post or pm me with opposing views from time to time. I read what they post and send me. Sometimes I respond, sometimes I just think about it. And I hope they think about what I post and respond to them. Because that’s what dialogue is about. That’s what friendship is about. And that’s the way transformative change happens, to me as well as to others.

Fortunately, my ‘opposing viewpoint’ FB friends are NOT among those who unfriended me. Thank you for staying the course! Fair warning though: I am at an early stage of understanding on many of the issues I am sharing. I am educating myself as I go, and I’ll be sharing more and more as these issues continue to percolate through us all.

BTW – I just checked my FB friends count: two days later, it’s 925. Welcome to new friends I’ve made in the past few days! And perhaps some of those who unfriended me are back. I hope so!