Discipleship Essentials

These teachings are based on themes from chapters in “Discipleship Essentials” by Greg Ogden.  The MP3 files listed below are in reverse order, i.e. from the last chapter to the first. If you are just beginning the series, scroll all the way to the bottom of the list for the message based on the first chapter. For assistance in begining the series, feel free to call Pastor Bob at the church: 610-435-2412 or email: Bob.Stevens@LibertyBellChurch.org

All messages and blog posts are copyright in the year they are posted by Robert T. Stevens All Rights Reserved. Please contact Pastor Bob, 620 W. Hamilton Street, Allentown PA 18101 for permission to use electronic or printed forms of his work here.

The Cheerful Giver – Three Principles for Joyful Giving – April 10 2011 / 18:06 / This is a whirlwind tour of Jesus’ teachings about giving, and a look at Paul’s oft-quoted “God loves a cheerful giver.” It will help you deal with consumer-osis (a spiritual disease) by using a three-principle prescription for a cure that leads to real joy.

The Cheerful Giver – An Introduction — Apr 3 2011 / 5:57 / The message today is a brief introduction to the text and topic based on chapter 25 in Discipleship Essentials. (There was a special recognition ceremony in the service this date, to the message is completed in the May 10 post.)

Church Growth Strategies – Immigration, Procreation, and New Creation – Mar 27 2011  / 18:31 / The conclusion of our study brings the toughest lesson for mainline Christians: a call to share our faith with others. It’s obviously necessary; maybe it’s not so difficult after all.

Avoiding Evil – A Recipe for Righteousness – Mar 20 2011 / 19:16 / Christians in the 21st century benefit from Paul’s first century advice to live a holy and righteous life.

Ready to Wrestle for What is Right – Mar 13 2011 / 18:41 / This classic “armor of God” text from Ephesians 6:10-12  reminds us of the reality of evil and calls us to take spiritual warfare seriously, a complement to Ogden’s chapter 22.

Experiencing God’s Glory and Expressing Your Gifts – Mar 6 2011 / 15:57 / Discipleship is more than having ‘mountaintop’ experiences. From Matthew 17:1-9, 14-21 we learn an important lesson, moving from experiencing the glory of God to expressing the gifts of God, a helpful perspective to add to chapter 21 in Discipleship Essentials.

Zion – A Good for Nothin Church – Feb 27 2011 / 21:22 / We in the churchare in the midst of the greatest changes since the Reformation of the 1500s. Zion’s is somewhere between the Church’s One Foundation in Matthew 16:13-20 and the emerging church of the 21st century. Pastor Bob suggests what we can do till the dust settles on this new reformation.

Witness – Two Ways To Tell the Story – Feb 20 2011 / 14:00 / Christians serve and help others, but we don’t always connect our serving to witnessing.”Rick and the Rock” and “My Mom and the Man” provide simple models for “come and see” witnessing in this message based on John 1:43-46 and chapter 19 in Discipleship Essentials.

Jesus and Justice – Doing the Right Thing – Feb 13 2011 / 20:47 / Abraham Lincoln and civil war era “First Defenders” are examples of “doing justice” in this message that compares Micah 6:8 to Jesus’ words to his disciples in Matthew 23: 23-24. These texts provide the foundation to better understand chapter 18 in Discipleship Essentials.

Born Again : What Nicodemus Never Knew — Feb 6 2010 / 12:08 / Most Christians know the ‘born again’ story of Nicodemus (John 3). In the first century, some people misinterpreted that story, and therefore many years after writing the Gospel, John wrote his First Letter to explain what being born “of God” really meant. This message for Chapter 17 In Discipleship Essentials is based on 1 John 4:7-8.

God’s GPS: Trust — Jan 30 2011 / 14:57 / Proverbs 3:5-6 promises God will “direct the paths” of those who trust in God, and also gives us three ingredients that help us to increase our trust in God. Based on the “memory verse” of chapter 16 in Discipleship Essentials.

Being Fruitful: Synergy in the Spirit – Jan 23 2011 / 20:44 / Most people have broken their New Year’s Resolutions by now, but why make resolutions in the first place? As Paul reminds you in Philippians 2:12, God is at work in you! This message gives you another way to look at chapter 15 (“Being Fruitful”) in Discipleship Essentials.

The Interruption of God: The Presence, Vision and Guidance of the Spirit – Part 2 – Jan 16 2011 / 19:50 / God ‘interrupts’ Peter in part 2 of this story of the first gentile convert. Pastor Bob gives a teaching about Acts 10:34-48, showing us how God’s Holy Spirit acts, both then and now, in the believer’s life, focusing on chapter 14 – Holy Spirit. Part 1 is given below:

The Interruption of God: The Presence, Vision and Guidance of the Spirit – Part 1 – Jan 16 2011 – / 12:09 / In this clip, Pastor Bob explains the background of Acts chapter 10 to prepare for Part 2 (above) in which he explains Acts 10:34-48 for this week’s teaching about chapter 14 – Holy Spirit.

Heavenly Adoption – Living in the Spirit – Jan 9 2011 – / 24.35 / once you understand Paul’s view of flesh and spirit, you will better appreciate the warm images he uses to describe being in the family of God; based on chapter 13, Adoption, the message explains Romans 8:1-17

Justification – A Short Lesson – Jan 2 2011 – / 8.30 / contemporary law provides a comparison to better understand this complex subject in Paul, based on chapter 12, Justification

Redemption – An Inheritance of Grace – Dec 26 2010 /  14:03 / a baptism at Zion’s provides an opportunity to celebrate life and God’s grace, echoing themes from chapter 11, Redemption

Standing in Grace – Release and Relief – Dec 19 2010 / 21:58 / what does a traffic light at Tilghman and Cedar Crest Sts, and a cold night volunteering for Lights in the Parkway, have to do with God’s grace? The answers illustrate two principles about God’s grace based on Romans 5:1-8, the text chosen for chapter 10 in Discipleship Essentials.

The Unspeakable Subject – Dec 12, 2010 / 20:20  / a humorous look at a difficult subject, as well as serious teaching about Romans 7:15-8:2

In God’s Image: Imagine! – Dec 5, 2010 / 13:30 / two words of caution, then two comments, about this classic text from Genesis 1:26-31, the text of the week for chapter 8, Made in God’s Image, in Discipleship Essentials

Church Doctrine: Dungeon or Doorway? Nov 28 2010 / 18:20 / this new perspective on what is usually a dry topic fits perfectly for this first Sunday in Advent as we resume Discipleship Essentials with Chapter 7, The Three-Person God. A teaching based on Romans 5:1-5.

Hopeful Grief – The Power of Faith – Nov 21 2010 / 20:50 / a teaching based on First Thessalonians 4:13-18 for this special service of remembrance. / This is a Sunday “off” from the Discipleship Essentials series, which resumes next week.

The Missing Discipline – Nov 14, 2010 /20:24 / also called the “equal opportunity spiritual discipline,” this will give you a different perspective on worship. See Xtra Notes tab for the “handout” mentioned in the message.

Secrets of the Serenity Prayer – Nov 7 2010 / 15:18 / little known facts about this most famous of prayers will help your prayer life

The Bible – A Mystical Mystery Tour – Oct 31 2010 / 19:30 / it’s more than just history; enter the mystery of the Bible

Vineyard Discipleship – Oct 24 2010 / 11:28 / a mystical image of discipleship based on John 15

The Cost and Joy of Discipleship – Oct 17 2010 / 15:00 / an interpretation of Luke 9:23-24

More than A Member – Oct 10 2010 / 13:30 / key characteristics of a disciple

Outgrowing Faith – Oct 3 2010 / 9:15 / why we need to focus on discipleship

One thought on “Discipleship Essentials

  1. I thought the vineyard discipleship was very helpful. I am leading a small group and it helps me connect with the younger kids easier as well as gives me another point of view I had not thought of before.

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